September 1958: In the third issue of the comic book Race For The Moon, a story called The Face on Mars was published. Drawn--and possibly written--by famed comic book artist and creator Jack Kirby, the story predated the actual discovery of a "face" on Mars almost 18 years before the fact.

July 25, 1976: Viking 1, in orbit around the planet Mars, photographs what looks to be a humanoid "Face on Mars" in the Cydonian mesa area. Viking chief scientist Gerry Soffen dismisses the "face" as a "[trick] of light and shadow". However, a number of subsequent photos taken from slightly different angles seemed to confirm that there was, indeed, a human face on Mars.
July 25, 1976: A close-up of the "face".
April 5, 2007: A High resolution Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter image of the "Face on Mars" reveals that the so-called face is actually an oddly shaped mesa.
A 3D representation of the "Face on Mars," created from data collected by NASA's Mars Global Surveyor.

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